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Be who you are …

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. – Dr. Seuss


If you had all the time (and money) in the world, what would you LIKE to do?

Tension is who you think you should be.

Relaxation is who you are.

- Chinese proverb.

I find this to be extremely right. How often are we trapped in the jobs that we don’t like, relationships we don’t enjoy anymore or in doing things that do not bring us any good anymore? Yet we still do these things. Then the tension happens. Whenever you’re struggling too much, it’s a sign something’s not working… Or you are working in the wrong field for example…


And imagine this:

If you had all the time (and money) in the world, what would you LIKE to do?

Maybe the answer lays there…

Here are some things that inspired me today:

  •  There are thousands of versions of the Cinderella story in the world. And the oldest one of them (that we know of) comes not from Brothers Grimm, but… from China! – my Wikipedia enlightenment of the day.


(that’s not the Chinese picture, by the way)

photo credit: Express Monorail via photopin cc

  • This quote:

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

- Dr. Seuss

  • Some photos on Facebook & Twitter. I do share them sometimes on my page. Also quotes & other stuff…

Have a great weekend! I mean, really nice one, full of fun and some time just for you. JUST. FOR. YOU.

Enjoy :)

Let me know in the comments about your feelings :)


5 Things You Can Learn From Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump was a classic. A great movie. A great book first, by Winston Groom. It’s been such a cultural icon that I don’t even know where to start. The truth is, this story continues to inspire me whenever it comes back to me. Such a motivator. Even when I have a difficult day or something unpleasant happens, just a picture or a melody of the Forrest Gump Suite always soothes me. It gives some hope and puts a smile on my face, even just a small one.

Here’s what you can gain from this story (either you read it or watch it):

1. No matter the beginning, the ending is what counts. Wherever you begin, whatever your baggage is, you can live a remarkable life. You never know, what’s gonna happen tomorrow, your life can change in a day…

2. Your IQ has nothing to do with your wisdom. These are two separate things. In a similar way that broad knowledge does not automatically make you wise. Only if you use it wisely. As Forrest said,

Stupid is as stupid does.

3. Life is a box… Oh yeah. I had to include that one. You probably know it well already, nevertheless it’s still working and simplistically philosophical. So, I am going to quote it here:

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

If we truly lived that way, instead of worrying too much and craving too much, we would be much happier. If we don’t know, what’s to worry about? You get what you get.

4. Sometimes true love is what remains after all your desires are gone… Sometimes it is closer than you think

5. Just a quote:

I’m not a smart man. But I know what love is.

6. If there’s anything stressful in your life, take this one simple advice:

Run, Forrest, Run!!!!

Running can lower your blood pressure. You will breathe more powerfully, bringing more oxygen to your tissues; it can prevent a heart attack. It can do many more good things for you. And take you out of your daily issues and stresses. Not enough benefits? Listen to this:

[spotify id="spotify:album:3LP0jc2J6fvhpVTKWzvFUk" width="300" height="380" /]

Happy listening/reading/watching again and again… and again…


Overwhelmed in the city

Something surreal today.

What would happen if a giant panda unexpectedly sat in your neighbourhood, or if you could see  a giant rabbit through your window, sitting between buildings and just hanging out there? Would you be surprised?

Well, if you’ve ever wondered what such a situation might be like, have a look at these pictures. They have been made by a young Chinese photographer, Di Liu.

Here you go, just click here: Di Liu’s Animals in Cities Photographs

The pictures explore our relationship with nature, which is, let’s say, a bit tense nowadays ;)

The pictures seem surreal too. The animals craving to reclaim the habitat taken from them, turned into an urban jungle. How many meanings could you spot in these pictures? This is just one of them.

At the end of the day, it’s about the meaning that you notice yourself.

There’s something disturbing in these pictures. Something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Like this music video:

Have a nice week :)



When was the last time when you had this gut feeling, that urge, that was driving you to do something that you wanted to do for a long time? Have you listened to it? There is a silent (well, sometimes loud!) voice in our mind that speaks to us and if only we dare to listen, we could do AWESOME THINGS and use our talents and potential and achieve extraordinary ambitions. If only we dare to listen – I repeat! Well… that’s not always the case. I know, we have work, commitments, distractions, other halves, stuff to do, or we’re simply tired and not bothering… But without doing what we actually dream of, we risk losing something very important in ourselves, that’s a part of who we are, really – not who we appear to be to the world through our roles (employee, mother, etc.), but who we really are inside and what we want to achieve. Therefore, it is CRUCIAL, really crucial to follow our dreams. Our internal path. Wherever they lead us to. It will always be somewhere special. Because, as someone said:

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will find yourself among the stars.

And that’s the place to be, isn’t it? This path will always be interesting.

If you’re still not sure where to start, here are some options to get you on the right track:

Stay tuned, there will be more posts about your dreams here! One by one. :) To prepare you for your journey. Not everything at once ;) A daily dose of inspiration. If you want several daily doses of inspiration, join me on Twitter or Facebook – links on the right or below. Keep dreaming. That’s what everyone says. Let me show you one video.

This is from 10 years ago, back from when Jessie J was not famous, she was 15 years old. When asked what her goal was, she said: ‘a number one single’. Well, it must have sounded quite confident and unrealistic from a 15-year old girl at that time. But then… look at what she is now. She’s over-achieved her dream many times. Impossible? Don’t let anybody tell you what you dream of is impossible. How can they know?

If you still don’t know where to start, watch the animated movie “Up” from Pixar – such a sincere tale about life, that people of any ages could enjoy it. See the characters’ dream and… don’t wait too long. Life is too short for that. Just do what you’re meant to do. Start NOW. You don’t have to finish reading, or even watch the video. I mean it. Start NOW. Feel what you want to do. And make the first step in that direction. You will be happier.

Have fun while realising your dream!


6 Proofs That The World Is Going To End – in songs! ;)

There’s been a lot of talk that our world is going to end someday. Is this really the case? According to the Mayans, cataclysmic or transformative events would have started happening in December 2012. Others say that if we don’t stop polluting the Earth, we soon will have no place to live in and our children will die of hunger, or the planet is going to be destroyed, together with us.  Some action is definitely needed to protect our habitat, or we are gonna vanish into thin air one day, which has been expressed in many songs throughout the years. Here they are:

1. ‘End of the World’ – Cold

2. ‘Last Day On Earth’ – Marilyn Manson. Pretty much self-explanatory.

3. ‘Till The World Ends’ – Britney Spears;) Yeah. She’d rather be dancing.

4. ‘Earth Song’ – Michael Jackson – this one shows us what would happen if we don’t care. Have you ever stopped to notice?

5. ‘Worlds collide’ – Apocalyptica – just listen and you’ll get the feeling.

6. ‘Endless night’ – Lion King Musical, Original Broadway Cast – the ‘Where has the starlight gone?’ phrase gains new meaning in the third millennium…

I hope you’ve gained some insight while listening to these apocalyptic songs… (well, not all of them! ;)). The Earth protection is still there, whether we look at it or not. Let’s not be too fearful, but rather do something about it, by being conscious of where our food comes from and not unnecessarily polluting the atmosphere (you don’t always need a car, you can walk :)). And so on… You can find many more inspiring songs on the Net and here, of course :) Keep checking my blog!

And above all, take this title with a pinch of salt… and a shot of tequila ;)


Music to quickly relax to ;)

Here is something I’ve found to be good for relaxation. If you need to quiet your mind sometimes after a busy day, or have a bath with candles, or cook in a peaceful atmosphere for a change (without burning something in a rush – or yourself ;)) – this music can help you do all that. It is also quite good for falling asleep to, apparently.

The name of the guy is Benjy Wertheimer, who’s an Oregon native so fascinated in Indian music that he plays it, using original instruments, like tabla or congas. He’s a multi-instrumentalist, his sound is subtle and insightful. Would you like to have a quick listen?

If so, here is the album that was released last year. It’s called “One River”.

[spotify id="spotify:album:67gLMrueyFRoD48NwVZ4qk" width="300" height="380" /]


Here are some songs from another of his albums, called “Voice of the Esraj”.

This is his website:

Relax, take it easy…


5 Most Uplifting Weekend Songs EVER.


It’s Friday :D Can anything be better than that? Well, of course it can. But for now it’s the only thing that matters. 8-) Friday evening, and the world is ours :)

I have made a collection of weekend tracks to be listened to.

So, here they are:

1. Friday I’m in love – The Cure. Naturally. I could not not include it here. A classic 90s weekend anthem.

2. Sunday Morning – Velvet Underground. Nice and chilled out vibe, feeling like a lazy Sunday morning in bed.

3. Saturday Night – Earth Wind & Fire 8-) Play dat funk, babe.

4. If you know Polish… Niedziela będzie dla nas – Niebiesko-Czarni. Oh, yeah. Our parents have danced to that. o_O

5. Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon – Queen! Yeah, that’s the culmination of the weekend. right?

Oh, right. What a nice perspective. Let’s spend the weekend the way we want. 8-)

The word of the weekend is: ENJOYMENT.

So, have fun. 8-)



Are you left-brained or right-brained? Find out in 1 minute ;)

Here is a test where you can find out which side of your brain you use most. Really interesting stuff! And very quick. Just a guideline, but fun. This test is quite useful! I’ve done it :) Good to know which side of you dominates ;)

Click here to do the test.


photo credit: <a href=””>”lapolab”</a> via <a href=””>photopin</a> <a href=””>cc</a>


5 Tangible Benefits of Mindfulness in Every Day Life (even 10 seconds a day)

Hello and welcome to my brand new, fresh, aromatic, blog, just off the press (WordPress, that is). But first of all… close your eyes for 10 seconds and take three breaths. Not very deep ones, just normal ones. So that you know you are breathing and nothing else is more important in that moment. Okay? When you’re done, open your eyes and… you’ve guessed, keep reading :)

Today’s topic is mindfulness. What you’ve just done is being mindful for 10 seconds. Well done, huh, because many people don’t even manage to do that. They just run from one thing to another in their minds, as if life was some kind of a marathon. However, allowing even ten seconds of mindfulness a day can add a lot of quality to your already busy life. Here are the main benefits of mindfulness:

1. You become more yourself. You realise what is really important to you etc., and you gain clarity in topics that have been nurturing you.

2. You are more peaceful. Stresses of your job, heartbreak issues or just plain irritation at anything slowly dissolves and you smile to yourself.

3. You exercise your brain! It has been scientifically proven that regular meditation affects your prefrontal cortex (just above your eyes) and your brain becomes more intensely wired! Dr David Hamilton says something about it here.

4. Your problem-solving skills improve. Whether at work, in family life, or when returning an unwanted item in a shop, you are more likely to resolve problematic situations in a more relaxed and assertive way, even if they’re not easy.

5. You can get some brilliant ideas when you’re not forcing your brain to think about your problems! A few moments of simply focusing on your breathing (even in an elevator, on a bus stop, wherever you like) can make the difference and open you up to new ideas that are within you. Your unconscious is just waiting to give you straight-to-the-point, intuitive insights, if you only listen to it!

So, here are five tangible benefits of mindfulness, that I’ve heard of and experienced in my life. There is obviously much more than that to be gained from being mindful and this list is totally subjective. You can experience even better things for yourself. I totally recommend it. If you want to improve your life, be more relaxed and at ease with yourself, improve your attention and intuition, you know what to do :)

Enjoy yourself in the process.