5 Tangible Benefits of Mindfulness in Every Day Life (even 10 seconds a day)

Hello and welcome to my brand new, fresh, aromatic, blog, just off the press (WordPress, that is). But first of all… close your eyes for 10 seconds and take three breaths. Not very deep ones, just normal ones. So that you know you are breathing and nothing else is more important in that moment. Okay? When you’re done, open your eyes and… you’ve guessed, keep reading :)

Today’s topic is mindfulness. What you’ve just done is being mindful for 10 seconds. Well done, huh, because many people don’t even manage to do that. They just run from one thing to another in their minds, as if life was some kind of a marathon. However, allowing even ten seconds of mindfulness a day can add a lot of quality to your already busy life. Here are the main benefits of mindfulness:

1. You become more yourself. You realise what is really important to you etc., and you gain clarity in topics that have been nurturing you.

2. You are more peaceful. Stresses of your job, heartbreak issues or just plain irritation at anything slowly dissolves and you smile to yourself.

3. You exercise your brain! It has been scientifically proven that regular meditation affects your prefrontal cortex (just above your eyes) and your brain becomes more intensely wired! Dr David Hamilton says something about it here.

4. Your problem-solving skills improve. Whether at work, in family life, or when returning an unwanted item in a shop, you are more likely to resolve problematic situations in a more relaxed and assertive way, even if they’re not easy.

5. You can get some brilliant ideas when you’re not forcing your brain to think about your problems! A few moments of simply focusing on your breathing (even in an elevator, on a bus stop, wherever you like) can make the difference and open you up to new ideas that are within you. Your unconscious is just waiting to give you straight-to-the-point, intuitive insights, if you only listen to it!

So, here are five tangible benefits of mindfulness, that I’ve heard of and experienced in my life. There is obviously much more than that to be gained from being mindful and this list is totally subjective. You can experience even better things for yourself. I totally recommend it. If you want to improve your life, be more relaxed and at ease with yourself, improve your attention and intuition, you know what to do :)

Enjoy yourself in the process.





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  1. Mindfullness is key… :)

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