6 Proofs That The World Is Going To End – in songs! ;)

There’s been a lot of talk that our world is going to end someday. Is this really the case? According to the Mayans, cataclysmic or transformative events would have started happening in December 2012. Others say that if we don’t stop polluting the Earth, we soon will have no place to live in and our children will die of hunger, or the planet is going to be destroyed, together with us.  Some action is definitely needed to protect our habitat, or we are gonna vanish into thin air one day, which has been expressed in many songs throughout the years. Here they are:

1. ‘End of the World’ – Cold

2. ‘Last Day On Earth’ – Marilyn Manson. Pretty much self-explanatory.

3. ‘Till The World Ends’ – Britney Spears;) Yeah. She’d rather be dancing.

4. ‘Earth Song’ – Michael Jackson – this one shows us what would happen if we don’t care. Have you ever stopped to notice?

5. ‘Worlds collide’ – Apocalyptica – just listen and you’ll get the feeling.

6. ‘Endless night’ – Lion King Musical, Original Broadway Cast – the ‘Where has the starlight gone?’ phrase gains new meaning in the third millennium…

I hope you’ve gained some insight while listening to these apocalyptic songs… (well, not all of them! ;)). The Earth protection is still there, whether we look at it or not. Let’s not be too fearful, but rather do something about it, by being conscious of where our food comes from and not unnecessarily polluting the atmosphere (you don’t always need a car, you can walk :)). And so on… You can find many more inspiring songs on the Net and here, of course :) Keep checking my blog!

And above all, take this title with a pinch of salt… and a shot of tequila ;)




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