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Solar-powered – a poem by Anna Wawrzyniak


We are powered by the sun
Yes, humans are solar-powered
And if you don’t believe
look at green grass we lie down on
the fruit that ripen for us
the holidays we take to recharge
the pets we walk in parks
and the strangers we meet when we’re in a good mood
Vitamin D doesn’t grow on trees
We are solar-powered


Catching and falling – a poem by Anna Wawrzyniak (me)


When something falls down, let it fall down. Let it fully collapse.
There will be no more victims.
Let it go.

When your train has gone,
don’t wait.
Choose the next station
or catch a bus.

When you’re not sure how this day will continue,
trust the sun the moon and the stars.
They will never disappoint you.

Another train to catch, another flower to blossom, another fear to go bust.
This is just me and you in this playground
that we’re visiting from birth
from time to time
But time doesn’t exist
Our dreams do.
Here is to being you.
“Catching and falling” created by me today using Fingerpaint app (Meritum). 


‘Particles and waves’ – my poem…





Particles and waves
by Anna Wawrzyniak

I once dreamed of a space
where all our senses would be uncovered
where we would see particles instead of colours
particles and waves

I once dreamed that we could
transcend our size and pervade into the molecules
to see them face to face
and notice what it feels like
not like through a microscope
particles and waves

I once dreamed that we could go
so far away
that we could see not only our planet
but most of the Universe
from a distance
particles and waves

Then I woke up
took a few steps
went round the corner
looked around
and here I am in this place
called the Earth
particles and waves

photo credit: Sherry Photography Creative Commons via photopin (license)


A poem: ‘Unclosed’


Something we all strive for from time to time, I guess…







by Anna Wawrzyniak


Looking for questions to ask

looking for answers to appear

right before my eyes

on an empty stomach


Looking for a glimpse of a shadow

for an ordinary sign

for the hand that feeds


Looking for the void in darkness

for the door to the forest

that has been left unopened

and unclosed




photo credit: sciencesque via photopin cc