Why do you see 11.11 on your watch? Twin numbers explained.


Why almost every time when I look at my watch, do I see 11.11, 14.14 or 22.22? Twin numbers. Do normal times not exist anymore? Let me check again. Oh, it’s 03.03 now that I’m writing this. [I'm kind of a night owl, don't worry.] Very strange. Very strange.

It’s the eleventh of November today, 11.11, which is why I’ve decided to explore this occurrence further. Why do we see twin numbers?

As my friend, a philosopher and musician Alessandro Puddu says, these twin numbers serve as a portal; interdimensional doors, so to speak. It may be a portal to creativity, to your intuition, to the field of consciousness that you don’t normally feel when you focus only on the material stuff happening around you. It’s a reminder for you to stop and look inwardly to notice something important. According to Alessandro, you have this one minute to connect with yourself. That minute can as well be eternity. Time is a matter of perception anyway.

What people think it can also mean:

- these are “angel numbers” signifying awakening. There is more to it than just imagination or coincidence, as spiritual teachers point out.

- they can be explained by numerology.

- 16+ possible explanations can be found in this video:

- they can appear in moments of synchronicity. It may be worth looking at what exactly is happening in the moment you see these numbers.

What does it all mean? I have no way to check whether any of such claims is valid. Sorry for not giving you a definite answer. How are we supposed to know? I let you answer on your own.

Please share your observations below. And have a lovely November 11th, no matter what you think.


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